One of the leaders in the freelancing and crowdsourcing business, has witnessed a recent surge in demand for bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related jobs, CNBC reported on Monday.

The data presented to CNBC showed an  82% growth in the third quarter of 2017 for ‘work related to cryptocurrency.’  And since the Initial Coin Offering or ICO is the trending topic of the year, employers expect selected freelancer to know how to launch and handle an ICO.  This includes writing sound and convincing whitepapers. 

People are getting freelancers to design new types of cryptocurrencies.

“People are getting freelancers to design new types of cryptocurrencies,” CEO Matt Barrie explained.

The blockchain technology is closely related to the science and art of cryptography, and this is probably why the listings involving cryptography skills also  increased by 59% in the third quarter, compared to the same period of 2016. 

All of these statistics make Bitcoin and cryptography the  ‘hot trends to watch for next quarter,’  according to the latest report.


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