Saturday, March 24, 2018

CryptoHQ is here to help you select all the right Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency sources from niche to mainstream. However, we DO NOT endorse any of the news sites shown below. This is definitely NOT a sponsored page, it's only the result of months and months of thorough research and reading to carefully select only the best Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency news sites on the web for you.

The reader is ultimately the one who chooses who and what to believe. Please select carefully and constantly watch for media manipulation sings, the so-called 'clickbaits,' or otherwise unspecified sponsored content. Unfortunately, you will find plenty of such practices even on the most popular and established news sites.

Also, don't hesitate to comment below if you feel the list is incomplete or is comprised of sources that shouldn't actually be included. State your reasons why you believe a change is necessary and we'll get back to you as soon as we're able. Obviously, this is NOT a set in stone list of media sources. All three lists you are about to see are subject to change if circumstances so warrant.

primary media sources

Our favorite Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain media sources. High-quality content more often than not although you will find manipulation articles meant to brainwash the newbie and experienced technology reader alike. Ad banners are present on these sites but aren't annoying. Please be aware of the sponsored articles – most of them tagged as sponsored/promoted/PR BUT NOT ALL. Unfortunately, all news sites in the cryptocurrency niche are using sponsored content in order to monetize the traffic.

alternative media sources

Some other interesting choices in the Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency news niche. However, these sites don't have such high quality content as the primary media sources. You will find plenty of sponsored/promoted/PR articles – too much for our liking – and some regular articles will be biased especially those analyzing the cryptocurrency price movement of the day/week. But the reader can still find hidden gems on these sites if searching thoroughly. Please be aware most of these sites are ad-banner-infested, as a result the user experience suffers greatly for that matter.

mainstream media sources

The best mainstream business media sources that cover almost on a daily basis the Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain topics. Most include high-quality analysis, opinions, and content, plus a user-friendly interface with no over-the-top advertising. Nevertheless, you will also find content telling the cryptocurrency enthusiast what he or she wants to hear, or questionable price analysis from the so-called ‘experts’ who may or may not have the necessary background or expertise to talk about Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency. You need to consider that such sites are incentivized to offer such content – incentivized by the traffic the topic brings – and such sites will immediatelly stop covering the hot topic once it cools down. Unfortunately, besides these pressing issues, the reader may also encounter pay or subscription walls, although we at CryptoHQ do our best NOT to promote such practices.